Lanserhof better sleep bundle

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LANSERHOF Better sleep bundle  | beauty sleep set LANSERHOF LAB supplements | nahrungsergänzung beauty sleep Lanserhof better sleep bundle Lanserhof better sleep bundle
LANSERHOF Better sleep bundle  | beauty sleep set

The Lanserhof Lab beauty sleep capsules combined with the Lanserhof sleep set help you on your way to sweet dreams and a healthy, beautiful skin texture.

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60 capsules

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Youthful & firm skin

Beauty sleep kann die nächtliche Regeneration unterstützen und Faltenbildung vorbeugen


Das ergonomische Nackenkissen und die passende Schlafmaske fördern die Entspannung

Restful sleep

Durch eine geschützte Schlafumgebung und natürliche schlaffördernde Inhaltsstoffe

LANSERHOF Better sleep bundle  | beauty sleep set

Gefertigt in Europa

Aus nachhaltiger Peace Silk ohne Tierleid

The ingredients

beauty sleep:

Bamboo shoot extract 75% silica; coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; griffonia extract 98% 5-HTP; citrus bioflavonoids; L-ascorbic acid; lemon balm extract 5% rosmarinic acid; hops extract; zinc gluconate; golden poppy extract; pyridoxine hydrochloride; melatonin.


The natural ingredient complex of our Lanserhof Lab beauty sleep supplements gently supports the nocturnal regeneration of your skin and encourages a deeply effective sleep: The combination of citrus bioflavonoids and vitamin c stimulates the neutralization of free radicals and can have a positive effect on the skin physiological processes during the night. At the same time, melatonin, hop, lemon balm and gold poppy help your body and mind to relax.
For ideal sleeping conditions we add our Lanserhof sleep set: an ergonomical neck pillow and a matching sleep mask with a core of visco-elastic memory foam, wrapped in delicate Peace Silk with an integrated radiation protection fabric enhance your healthy sleep hygiene. The soft silk satin helps prevent and minimize wrinkles and split ends, and soothes your skin. The radiation protection fabric is supposed to minimize the impact of electromagnetic fields and has a regulating effect on the warmth and hydration of your skin.

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