Lanserhof organic defensive power tea-set - 1 tea for free

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Lanserhof organic defensive power tea-set - 1 tea for free

Support your immune system on days with an increased risk of infection or with weakened defences with Lanserhof organic teas:

Start the day with the invigorating and stress-reducing hemp tea, strengthen yourself at lunchtime with the immune tea, which can render viruses harmless, and support your nightly recovery with the calming tea.

In the value set, you get one tea free!

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3x 100 g

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Strengthens immune system

The immune tea actively supports the body in fighting viruses.


Activate the body's defences in the morning with hemp tea.

Restful sleep

Nightly regeneration with the calming tea.

Lanserhof organic defensive power tea-set - 1 tea for free

100% vegan

Made in Austria

Recyclable packaging

The ingredients

hemp tea:
Hemp flowers and leaves from legal commercial hemp

immune tea
Cistus herb, rosehip, elderflower, ribwort, ginger root, calendula

calming tea:
Melissa leaves, hops, St. John's wort, lavender flowers, peppermint leaves, liquorice root

100% from organic agriculture (AT-BIO-301).


Lanserhof hemp tea has an activating and invigorating effect with a short infusion time of approx. 5 minutes, a longer infusion time of 10 minutes or more has a calming effect. Its many vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, minerals and trace elements support the body in many ways: It can strengthen the immune system, soothe inflammation and reduce stress hormones. It is not for nothing that hemp has been used as a remedy in Asia for centuries.

In addition to other strengthening herbs, Lanserhof immune tea contains cistus herb, the effect of which has been proven in studies: Extracts of the plant can envelop viruses and render them harmless. The viruses are no longer able to penetrate body cells and multiply. Sleep is the best medicine. In order to calm down in the evening and find the most restful sleep possible, the herbal blend in Lanserhof calming tea helps to relieve tension, anxiety and nervousness.


Pour in freshly boiled water and infuse according to the instructions on the packaging.

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