LANSERHOF organic crunch buckwheat | organic crunch buckwheat Lanserhof Organic Buckwheat Crunch

Lanserhof Organic Buckwheat Crunch

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LANSERHOF organic crunch buckwheat | organic crunch buckwheat
Lanserhof Organic Buckwheat Crunch

Our Lanserhof Organic Buckwheat Crunch is particularly well suited as the basis for a healthy breakfast. In combination with seasonal fruit, a few nuts and milk or yogurt, it gives you the necessary energy for the day.

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LANSERHOF organic crunch buckwheat | organic crunch buckwheat

100% vegan ingredients

Production in Austria

From organic farming

The ingredients

The ingredients

Buckwheat germinated, cane sugar from controlled organic cultivation (AT-BIO-401).

Nutritional values in mg per 100g of food:
Carbohydrates: 79363 mg
protein: 6481
Fat: 1147 mg
Sugar: 32668 mg
Dietary fiber: 2454 mg&
Total fatty acids: 213 mg
Sodium: 208 mg
Caloric value in KJ: 1502 mg
Allergen free


Buckwheat is a knotweed plant and therefore a healthy grain alternative, which is free of gluten and wheat lectins. The plant is not only free of substances harmful to the body, but at the same time much richer in high-quality nutrients and vital substances than the common cereals. Buckwheat provides all eight essential amino acids in a more favorable amino acid profile than cereals. Apart from that, buckwheat contains many substances such as rutin or lecithin, which can ensure that blood pressure is lowered, cholesterol levels are regulated and the liver is protected. So buckwheat is a real miracle pseudo cereal.

For our products we use only ingredients that come from a controlled organic cultivation. This requires that the environment is polluted as little as possible. Therefore, the use of chemical pesticides, mineral fertilizers and genetic engineering is avoided.

Our Lanserhof Organic products

The raw materials for our Lanserhof organic products come 100% from controlled organic cultivation. The Lanserhof Online Shop is regularly checked and certified by DE-ÖKO-006.

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