Gut health advantage package

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Gut health advantage package

A healthy gut is an important component for our immune system, but also for our well-being. Diet can contribute a lot to intestinal health and even reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.

In this context, studies have proven the positive effects of bitters, dietary fibres, unsaturated fatty acids and medicinal herbs, which we have compiled for you in our benefit package.

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Strengthens immune system

A healthy gut is the basis for a strong immune system.


Soothing medicinal herbs can have a pain-relieving effect.

Regulates metabolism

Digestive stimulant and effective for bloating.

Gut health advantage package

100% vegan and gluten free

Made in Germany

Sustainable cardboard and glass packaging.


Numerous studies have shown that a diet rich in fibre and protein, as well as the consumption of omega-3-rich linseed oil and certain herbs and bitter substances, can not only support well-being and digestion, but also reduce the risk of cancer.
In this context, linseed oil, dietary fibre, proteins, hemp seeds and bitter substances are particularly often mentioned.
Our intestinal health package also contains the medicinal herbal tea in apotherapeutic quality, a soothing product for body and mind that contributes to relaxation and can alleviate irritable bowel syndrome.


Organic linseed oil
To preserve the valuable ingredients, avoid heating the linseed oil. It is excellent for mueslis and salads, for example.

Organic energy mix:
Particularly suitable for preparing a healthy, protein-rich breakfast, let it soak for approx. 30 minutes, e.g. with oat or rice milk, and add nuts, fruit, yoghurt and a little linseed oil as desired.

Digestive Tea:
Drink 1-2 cups daily and steep 1-2 teaspoons per cup with 125 ml freshly brewed water for approx. 10 minutes covered.

Bitter oil drops:
Put 2 x 5 drops in the mouth daily. You can take the drops in the morning and in the evening, or as needed in case of cravings, but the recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

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