Lanserhof Lab youth capsules

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Lanserhof Lab youth capsules Lanserhof Lab youth capsules
Lanserhof Lab youth capsules

Our capsules are specially designed to counteract the aging process and improve skin health. They act specifically against the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and skin dryness. The nutrients with valuable antioxidants from vitamins C, E and beta-carotene can be taken as a preventive measure, but also at the onset of skin aging. In addition, the selected composition is suitable for combating dry, impure, flabby and tired skin. The contained knotweed root is considered one of the most important plants in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said to have, above all, a health-promoting and rejuvenating effect. In addition, the root extract is said to protect the body from free radicals.

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60 capsules

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Antioxidant cell protection

Neutralisation of free radicals prevents premature cell ageing.

Strengthening connective tissue

Promotes stable collagen fibres with bamboo, zinc and vitamin C.

Youthful & firm skin

Supports skin renewal and protective barrier.

Lanserhof Lab youth capsules

100% vegan, natural and bioactive ingredients

Production in Germany and Austria

Sustainable glass packaging

The ingredients

Borage oil microencapsulated; bamboo shoot extract (silicon); coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; L-ascorbic acid; DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate; coenzyme Q10; beta-carotene; quercetin; zinc citrate; knotweed root extract (reseveratrol).

active ingredients:

Borage oil
The tiny seeds of the ancient spice plant contain a medicinally very precious oil that can be effective for inflammatory skin diseases - especially neurodermatitis.

Bamboo shoot extract
Used in traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen connective tissue and stabilise bones, joints, intervertebral discs and spine because of its high content of silicic acid. An extract with excellent antioxidant and regenerative effects is obtained from the leaves of the plant.

Vitamin C
The important antioxidant neutralises free radicals in the body's cells. It is essential for the formation of firm collagen fibres, strengthens connective tissue and keeps skin, tendons and blood vessels elastic.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E fulfils numerous tasks in our body, and is also known as the beauty vitamin. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect slows down the skin ageing process. Cell renewal and moisture balance are promoted, thus strengthening the skin's protective barrier.

Q10 Coenzyme
Q10 is familiar to most as an anti-aging agent, but it is much more than that. Every cell in our body needs this enzyme to ensure energy supply. It activates the immune system, strengthens the heart and nerves, and increases fat burning.

Beta-carotene (also provitamin A) is a secondary plant substance from the carotenoid family. It regulates cell growth, controls immune system reactions and has a strong antioxidant effect.

Quercetin is a secondary plant substance and has a positive effect on general inflammatory parameters, allergic reactions, blood circulation, blood pressure and wound healing.

Zinc can help with inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and atopic dermatitis, and supports cell division for healthy skin renewal and stable connective tissue.

Knotweed root extract
Knotweed root is considered one of the most important plants in traditional Chinese medicine. It is said to have, above all, a health-promoting and rejuvenating effect. In addition, the root extract is said to protect the body from free radicals.


The skin ageing process begins around the age of 25 and is influenced by various factors - unavoidable, but also controllable, external factors. We cannot stop the process, but we can target effective countermeasures and slow down skin ageing, preventing wrinkles and pigmentation spots for longer.
In the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, we can support the cell metabolism and the skin's defences, thus preventing dryness, infections and wrinkles.
In the middle and inner skin layer, the dermis and subcutis, micronutrients support the supply of cells and connective tissue fibres, thus counteracting sagging, sallow skin and deep wrinkles due to volume loss.
In addition, wound healing is supported in all skin layers.
A big factor in skin ageing is oxidative stress. Free radicals, mainly caused by external factors such as smoking, UV light or environmental toxins, damage the body's cells and accelerate skin ageing.
In addition to a healthy lifestyle, targeted antioxidants can bind and neutralise free radicals, protecting cells and keeping skin looking younger for longer.


Take 1 capsule 2x daily with plenty of liquid. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

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