Lanserhof fermentation basket

Lanserhof fermentation basket

Plain Bamboo Steamer

Plain Bamboo Steamer


Grain Mill with natural stone

There are several reasons to grind your grains yourself. Firstly, you have complete control over the manufacturing process. Not only is this in line with the current trend of healthier lifestyle but also interesting for people suffering from allergies. Your self-ground gluten-free grains will definitely be free of any traces of gluten. Also, you can be sure that during the grinding process, the whole grain is used, leaving the nutrients that are contained in the fine surface layer in the flour. Another important aspect is that, similar to fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, freshly milled flour loses important nutrients after a few hours - the sensitive enzymes react with the air and oxidise. The grain mill “Magic” by Komo consists of chrome and natural wood originating from certified forestry. The engine is particularly powerful, yet very quiet. Thanks to the corundum / ceramic grinding stone grain is ground very gently and effectively. The coarseness can be adjusted by simply turning the funnel, as desired.


Material: Housing made of solid beech / stainless steel, funnel lid of solid beech

Delivery: mill with lid Grinding capacity for wheat with 13% moisture

content: 100 g / min

Funnel capacity with wheat: 850 g Millstones of corundum-ceramic with 75 mm diameter Performance of motor: 250 Watt Noise

level: 70 db Weight: 6.6 kg

Max height of bowl: 145 mm Dimensions: height 345 mm x depth 170 mm x width 165 mm

Certification: TUV, GS

Made in Germany and Austria

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