Lanserhof yoga mat

€135,00 EUR
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You'll likely find your last yoga mat purchase here, because the original Manduka PRO® mat is an ultra-dense and roomy high-performance yoga mat that offers unmatched comfort, cushioning and near lifetime durability.

The hygienic, closed surface keeps moisture and bacteria out, increasing durability and making it easy to clean after use.

Manduka's proprietary underside structure prevents the mat from slipping on the floor. The top side is designed in such a way that neither sticking to the mat, nor slipping away is possible. Due to the strong cushioning, knees and joints are optimally protected even on hard surfaces.

The Manduka PRO® mat is sustainably manufactured in Germany from PVC. It is 100% latex free and handmade.


Weight 4,3kg 215cm x 66cm x 6mm thick

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