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Our present day existence is characterized by a fast-paced lifestyle where a healthy diet, sufficient exercise, adequate breaks and good sleep are often neglected. The resulting states of exhaustion due to constant stress increase the body's need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements - our skin is often the first externally visible factor that shows us that something is missing. We have developed our natural dietary supplements to the best of our knowledge and do not use aromatics or other additives. Due to production in Austria and Germany, we have optimal control over the manufacturing process, short transport routes and can ensure consistent quality. The sustainability and environmental friendliness of our packaging is important to us. Therefore we avoid plastic as far as possible and use environmentally friendly materials such as glass and cardboard. Our vitamins, minerals and all other nutrients remain in their natural, bioactive forms, are 100% vegan and are tested by independent laboratories. We attach great importance to the high bioavailability of our pure substances. Our credo is: The human being was not born with a deficiency. Due to environmental influences and an accelerated life, the reserves in the body can get mixed up. Our supplements can help to restore balance and well-being.

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