lanserhof sleep spa one night cure

lanserhof sleep spa one night cure


lanserhof sleep spa one week cure

The "lanserhof sleep spa" foot pads developed in cooperation with the premium vitality plaster manufacturer "Stella Me" promote relaxed sleep and inner balance for a rested start in the morning.

Regeneration via the feet is an Asian tradition that originated in Japan. The Japanese call the feet the second heart. There the reflex points of many organs of the human body unite. The pads can stimulate these regions on the foot and stimulate regenerating processes during sleep in the body.

The harmonious mixture of high-quality and natural ingredients works under the feet overnight.Thus the contained mineral stone tourmaline has pain-relieving and cleansing properties and lavender has a calming and relaxing effect, which above all can help to relieve anxiety, overcome stress, improve sleep problems and balance the inner clock.

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For the 7-day cure, two pads are required per application. In order to support your sleep rhythm perfectly, take the pads out of the protective foil and stick them centrally on the sole of your foot with the help of the patches. Let the pads work overnight and remove them the morning after.


In order to achieve a perfect effect and prevent the patch from coming off, it is strongly recommended to wear socks during application.


Tourmaline has a revitalizing effect

Vitamin C acts as an immune booster

Wormwood and Platycodon support the digestion

Bamboo vinegar has a purifying and mineralizing effect

Mint has an antiseptic effect

Houttuynia Cordata has an antibacterial effect

Agaricus mushroom has antiviral effects

Lavender has a calming effect

Chitosan has an antibacterial effect

Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Wormwood, Bamboo vinegar, Mint, Houttuynia cordata, Agaricus mushroom, Platycodon, Lavender, Chitosan (100% natural and high-quality ingredients)