Amera Spice Mixture with Peugeot Spice Mill

Amera Spice Mixture with Peugeot Spice Mill

Organic Buckwheat Schüttelbrot (crispy bread)

Organic Buckwheat Schüttelbrot (crispy bread)


Lanserhof Buckwheat Rusks

Lanserhof Rusks are an ideal and healthy snack for in between. It also tastes great with dips or as a crunchy topping for soups and salads. The dough is made from buckwheat and therefore particularly suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

*Gluten free*

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Nutritional values in mg per 100 g of food:

Carbohydrates: 32054 mg

Protein: 4482 mg

Fat: 858 mg

Sugar: 329 mg

Dietary Fiber: 1738 mg

Ges fatty acids:. 148 mg

Sodium: 281 mg

Sprouted Buckwheat, natural salt, spice bread, spring water

The buckwheat comes from organic farming (AT-BIO-401).