Organic energy mix/ Omega 3

Organic energy mix/ Omega 3

Himalaya Crystal Salt

Himalaya Crystal Salt


Basic cereals

One of the healthier breakfast variations is muesli. It fills the stomach for a long time and keeps the blood sugar level constant. In addition, there is hardly a dish that can be varied in as many ways as muesli, because several hundred ingredients can always be combined anew and spiced up with fresh fruit.

The Lanserhof Basic Muesli contains oatmeal, spelt meal and linseed.

Oat flakes are an underestimated superfood. They contain plenty of fiber and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc, vitamins and proteins.

Spelt meal is considered to be extremely tolerable and healthy. Similar to oat flakes, spelt contains a high proportion of fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Spelt tastes slightly nutty and gives the muesli a special note.

Linseed contains a large amount of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids paired with fibre and effective antioxidants, which are important for the hormonal balance in the body. They support the digestion, contribute to a sinking cholesterol level and an improved cardiovascular health.

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Pour 100 g of cold water or milk over 50 g of grain and let it swell. Serve with fruit and yoghurt.

Nutritional values in g per 100g of food:
Carbohydrates: 59,4
- of which sugar: 4g
protein: 15,2g
fat: 5,4g
- of which saturated fatty acids: 0,8g
salt: <0,1g
Calorific value in Kj/kcal: 1476/351
Free from allergens

Grinded oat flakes, spelt meal, linseed from organic farming (AT-BIO-401).