Lanserhof bitters digestif

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The Lanserhof digestif contains a bitter herb extract from 12 different bitter herbs. These are said to have different effects on the digestive tract and influence it positively. 

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The production of digestive juices is said to be stimulated, bile secretion is said to be increased, and peristalsis and metabolism are said to be promoted. Bitters can also prevent fermentation processes in the intestines and assist in detoxifying the liver.


Recommended consumption: Drink a bottle of Lanserhof Digestif after your lunch or dinner.


Elderberry juice, pear syrup, aqueous plant extract, ginger and lemon juice in organic quality (DE-ÖKO-013).

The addition of elderberry juice gives the digestif its good taste. The colorant it contains can have an anti-inflammatory effect. Likewise, the contained lemon juice and ginger juice is rich in vitamin C. These are also considered natural antioxidants and are said to protect cells and strengthen the immune system. Ginger is also said to stimulate metabolism and promote fat digestion and gastric juice production.
Shelf life: The digestif has a shelf life of 3 months when properly stored in its original packaging.

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