LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set

LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set

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LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set
LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set
LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set

Protect your skin from premature aging and make you glow!

Our two creams for face and eyes stimulate the skin's stem cells and boost collagen density, while containing highly effective antioxidants and leaving a silky glow.

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80 ml

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Antioxidant cell protection

Highly effective radical scavengers protect against premature skin aging

Refined & radiant skin

Reduces dark circles under the eyes and makes the skin glow evenly.

Teens & Tight Skin

Activates stem cells and stimulates collagen production.

LANSERHOF LAB glow cream set

100% vegan and animal free

Production in Germany

Recyclable glass bottle

The ingredients

The ingredients

Active ingredients

alpha Glucans:
Alpha glucan oligosaccharides belong to probiotics and strengthen the skin barrier, allowing moisture to be better stored in the skin. The settlement of undesirable bacteria, which among other things are involved in the development of acne, is prevented and the skin's microbiome is preserved. However, the anti-aging effect of alpha glucans is particularly interesting: they support cell autophagy, i.e. detoxification and renewal of cells, and minimize lipofuscin formation (age pigments).

Tripeptides (synthetic replica of the active ingredient in snake venom):
Our polypeptide complex was developed based on the venom of the temple viper, which, like Botox, has a strong muscle relaxing effect. This reduces even severe expression lines and delays new wrinkle formation by up to 5 years.

Glycerin helps to store water in the deeper layers of the skin, where it forms a lasting moisture depot that has a strong plumping effect, especially on dry and aging skin. As a natural component of the body, it is also suitable for very sensitive skin.

Citrulline Complex:
Watermelon rind is one of the rare natural sources and the namesake of citrulline, an amino acid essential for skin moisture retention and reducing fine lines. Apple and lentil extracts also provide pantothenic acid and various saccharides that make the skin barrier more resilient.

Shea Butter:
Penetrates the skin particularly well, nourishes and moisturizes. Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as allantoin reduce irritation and accelerate cell formation and regeneration.

Squalane makes up 15% of our natural sebum and is a true multi-talent: for example, it protects the skin from moisture loss, transports active ingredients and has an antioxidant effect against free radicals. Its pleasant consistency is easy to spread and ensures a radiant, silky complexion - as if softly drawn.

Phytosterols are purely plant-based active ingredients similar to the skin's own cholesterol, and have a variety of positive effects. They can repair gaps in the lipid film of the skin, balance the moisture content, and have an anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, they are beneficial even for neurodermatitis patients. It also reduces age spots and strengthens connective tissue.

Hydrolized Wheat Protein:
Derived from wheatgrass, our peptide complex for the skin protects and stimulates the skin's own stem cells. This deeply regenerates the skin, stimulates fibroblast and collagen production, and promotes a youthful and elastic skin texture.

Golden Collagenine:
A precious synthetic peptide paired with nanoparticles that acts as a collagen booster to increase skin density, promoting a firmer and smoother skin texture. Wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin is effectively protected against premature aging.

This polymer of mineral origin is characterized by its very high skin compatibility, proven in studies, and is used, among other things, as an oxygen transporter in artificial blood. It forms a delicate non-comedogenic protective film that leaves the skin silky and even.


Our perfect duo for radiant and youthful skin stimulates stem cells with Wheatgrass and Golden Collagenine and boosts the skin's collagen density.

The effective anti-aging face cream activates and protects the skin in multiple ways:
The skin barrier is strengthened by probiotics and skin impurities are reduced, so-called age spots are minimized.
The Tripepid complex with an active ingredient modeled on viper venom dissolves expression lines and prevents wrinkles.
Glycerin, citrulline, shea butter and squalane not only provide intensive moisture, but also strengthen the skin barrier, protect cells from free radicals and regenerate irritated skin.

The eye cream also contains a whole range of highly effective substances:
Niacinamide moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles and reduces dark circles under the eyes, ash bark extract acts against puffiness and bags under the eyes, the microalga Porphyridium Cruentum tightens and thiotians protect as a strong antioxidant against DNA damage, e.g. caused by UV light.


In the morning and evening, after cleansing with Lanserhof Lab Cleanser, first apply Lanserhof Lab Toner and Lanserhof Lab Serum.
Then gently massage in the Face Cream.
The Lanserhof Lab Eye Cream is ideal for the eye area.

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