Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set

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Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set
Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set
Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set
Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set

The dream team for renewed, more even skin:

Stimulate cell renewal overnight with the night serum and protect fresh skin from new damage caused by UV radiation during the day with the face sun cream.

In the duo set you save 10% compared to the individual products.

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night serum: 50 ml, face sun cream 100ml

More information

Antioxidant cell protection

Against radicals released by UV rays and hyperpigmentation.

Refined & radiant skin

Produces and maintains a more even skin texture.

Youthful & firm skin

Stimulates cell renewal and protects against wrinkles.

Lanserhof Lab Skin Renewal Set

100% vegan and cruelty-free

Made in Germany

Recyclable glass flacons

The ingredients

night serum

AHA Complex (Glycolic Acid + Lactic Acid):
Lactic acid (AHA) serves as an efficient exfoliator, reduces wrinkles, skin impurities and pigmentation spots and reveals radiant skin.Due to its particularly mild and moisturising effect, our AHA complex is not only well tolerated by dry and sensitive skin, but even beneficial as it strengthens the skin barrier.

Pentylene Glycol:
The plant-based active ingredient derived from sugar cane moisturises and acts as a booster for other active ingredients.

Coco Glucoside:
Coco-glucosides are plant surfactants that are particularly suitable for sensitive skin and serve to evenly distribute the serum.

Allantoin has a soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory and moisturising effect and can regulate sebum flow and skin impurities. Another property of the sustainable, plant-derived active ingredient is its ability to remove dead cells.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is able to protect the skin barrier, improve the skin's moisture retention capacity, supports collagen and elastin formation and has a strong antioxidant effect. In addition, it promotes the formation of new cells in the skin, which is why vitamin E is also used in healing creams in addition to anti-aging cosmetics.

face sun cream

The UV filters contained are German research results from BASF. All filters are not hormonally active or DNA damaging.

Tinosorb M:
One of the safest and most advanced UV filters, combining organic and mineral sunscreens, effective against UVA-1, UVA-2 and UVB radiation. Tinosorb M is especially recommended for the prevention of pigmentation disorders. The filter has a particularly low allergy and skin irritation potential. The term "nano" need not be irritating in connection with this filter: The nanoparticles contained are so large (over 500 Daltons) that they do not penetrate the skin and, unlike the nanoparticles of zinc oxide and titanium oxide, do not form free radicals when the UV rays strike.

Tinosorb S:
This safe and very modern bio-oil based photostable broadband UV filter is effective against UVA-1, UVA-2 and UVB radiation and supports the other filters in our formulation in their effect, especially synergetic is the combination with Tinosorb M.
Studies show that Tinosorb S not only absorbs UV rays, but also neutralises free radicals. In addition, the filter has anti-inflammatory properties and is very well tolerated even by sensitive skin.
Tinosorb S is not to be confused with Tinosorb S Lite Aqua, where the filters are encapsulated with microplastic.

Univul T150:
The most effective oil-soluble UVB filter currently known and very effective even in small doses.
Just like our other filters used, Univul T150 is not absorbed by the body, has no effect on hormone metabolism and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Univul MC80:
Approved worldwide and most widely used, this filter is particularly well tested. It is very light-stable and has an exceptionally good absorption capacity of UVB rays even in small quantities. It is particularly suitable for combining other UV filters and caring components.

Allantoin: Allantoin is a natural product of the protein metabolism and has many positive effects for the skin: It has a soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory effect, especially on sun-stressed skin. In addition, it is moisturising and can regulate skin impurities. Another property of the sustainable, plant-derived active ingredient is its ability to remove dead cells - for even and radiant skin.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is a valuable ingredient for sun protection products because as an antioxidant it protects against free radicals released by UV rays and brown spots caused by hyperpigmentation. The skin barrier is strengthened, protecting the skin from moisture loss. In addition, collagen and elastin formation is stimulated and the skin is thus plumped up and firmed.

Ectoin is a "self-defence substance" that was discovered in microorganisms in the salt lake of the Egyptian desert and enables them to live under the harsh conditions there. The skin is also effectively protected, repaired and moisturised by the stress protection molecule against environmental influences and UV radiation as well as blue light.


The Lanserhof Lab night serum with its AHA complex acts as a chemical peel overnight and stimulates cell renewal. The most important thing now is to protect the skin from the sun's rays every day during the regeneration phase after a peeling. This is because the removal of dead skin cells makes the young, fresh cells particularly sensitive.
Together with our experts, we have developed the Lanserhof Lab face sun cream with the recommended sun protection factor 30 especially for our skincare series. The combination of state-of-the-art filters from the German manufacturer BASF, complemented by effective cell protection in the form of antioxidants and the innovative active ingredient Ectoin ensure that damage is intercepted and balanced out.


Apply a few drops of Night Serum daily in the evening to the face cleansed with the Lanserhof Cleanser and prepared with the toner.

During the day, protect the exfoliated skin daily with the Lanserhof Lab face sun cream : Apply generously to the face, neck and décolleté at least 20 minutes before contact with UV light following the Lanserhof Skincare Routine, massage in gently and allow to absorb. Repeat at regular intervals, especially after sweating or contact with water.

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