Lanserhof sleep set

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Lanserhof sleep set Lanserhof sleep set Lanserhof sleep set Lanserhof sleep set Lanserhof sleep set
Lanserhof sleep set
Lanserhof sleep set
Lanserhof sleep set
Lanserhof sleep set
Lanserhof sleep set

The Lanserhof x Moonchild x Breitfeld Biohacking Sleep Set made of radiation-protective fabric includes an ergonomic neck pillow and a matching sleep mask - both with a core of visco-elastic memory foam, wrapped in delicate Peace Silk in a deep night blue - handmade especially for Lanserhof in Germany.

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Full and healthy hair

Durch die zarte Oberfläche kann Seide Haarbruch vorbeugen

Refined & radiant skin

Seide schont empfindliche Haut und kann Faltenbildung verringern

Restful sleep

Durch eine geschützte Schlafumgebung kann die Schlafqualität unterstützt werden

Lanserhof sleep set

Gefertigt in Europa

Aus nachhaltiger Peace Silk ohne Tierleid


Silk is not only particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, people with skin problems - such as acne or neurodermatitis, or those with sensitive skin - silk is a real beauty all-rounder. The delicate texture helps prevent and minimize wrinkles and split ends, as there is less friction. It neither absorbs precious care products nor dries out skin and hair. In addition, it can have a positive effect on our sleep, as it has a regulating effect on our sleeping climate. While it has a rather cooling effect in summer, it warms us on cold evenings.

Particularly innovative is the processing with a cotton fabric, which was designed so that it can weaken electromagnetic fields. However, in order to keep the radiation of electromagnetic fields as low as possible in the age of 5G, even when traveling or in the bedroom at home, and to protect ourselves from it accordingly, we have combined the Sleep Set with the high-quality silk from "Moonchild" and the new type of radiation fabric from "Breitfeld Biohacking". Due to the processed silk in combination with the radiation protection fabric, the Sleep Set attenuates electromagnetic fields and at the same time has a heat and moisture regulating effect on the skin. Positive health effects are the promotion of metabolic processes in the body and protection against prolonged overheating in the eye and brain area.

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