Lanserhof Lab ultra-colloidal silicium dioxide

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Lanserhof Lab ultra-colloidal silicium dioxide

The mineral known to many as silicic acid is used for tissue and cell renewal. Silicic acid is particularly abundant in the skin, connective tissue, bones and in the wound healing component fibrin found in the blood.

Silicic acid is essential for the body and should be taken externally and internally during heavy physical exertion, stress and due to the natural loss with age.

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200 ml

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Strengthening connective tissue

Essential for elastic and firm connective tissue.

Strengthens immune system

Research shows an activation of immune cells.


Supports healing processes.

Lanserhof Lab ultra-colloidal silicium dioxide

100% vegan, natural and bioactive ingredients

Production in Germany

Sustainable glass packaging

The ingredients

Silicium dioxide, ultra-colloidal


Not only competitive athletes should know about silicon dioxide or "silicic acid":
Also in cases of stress, susceptibility to infections, chronic diseases and unbalanced nutrition, the essential mineral supports the healing of cells and tissue parts and thus helps to achieve more vitality.
As a component of the connective tissue, it ensures elastic and firm skin.


Internal intake:
Add 4 pump shots to a glass of water as a daily dose, take a sip in the mouth, keep it in the mouth for approx. 15-30 seconds and then swallow.

External application:
Wet the affected skin area and let it absorb lightly or rub it in, repeat several times a day.

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