Lanserhof digestive tea Lanserhof digestive tea

Lanserhof digestive tea

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Lanserhof digestive tea
Lanserhof digestive tea

When digestion is out of balance due to stress, diet or health reasons, an unpleasant feeling of fullness and sometimes even painful cramps are the result. The Lanserhof Digestive Tea can help regulate digestion and thus restore well-being.

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60 g

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Remedy for malaise and cramp-like discomfort.

Regulation metabolism

Stimulates digestion and thus helps with bloating.


Soothing ingredients for body and mind.

Lanserhof digestive tea

100% vegan

Production in Austria

Recyclable packaging

The ingredients

The ingredients

  • Chamomile flowers 20 %
  • Melissa leaves 20 %
  • Fennel 20 %
  • Elderflower 20 %
  • Calamus root 15 %
  • Peppermint leaves 5 %
  • Details

    The fact that herbs can help very well with everyday ailments has been known for centuries. The effect of medicinal herbs is based on ingredients such as essential oils, flavonoids or tannins, which can be taken very well in the form of tea infusions.
    Provided that the quality and concentration of the ingredients are high enough.
    To ensure this, Lanserhof medicinal herbal teas have so-called "pharmacist quality", with defined standards, e.g. regarding the content of active ingredients.


    1-2 cups of tea per day, per cup (125 ml) pour 1-2 teaspoons of boiling water, cover and steep for 10 minutes. Then drink in sips.

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