Lanserhof Lab face cream

€330,00 EUR (€660,00 / 100 ml)
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An efficient anti-ageing care with a silky texture that noticeably activates all epidermal and dermal cell functions without irritating sensitive skin. The efficient cream stimulates the skin's own defence and immune system, as well as collagen production, protects against external influences and moisturises deep down - for a visible smoothing of the skin.


For all skin types, with: • nutrient-poor skin that lacks moisture and elasticity • skin lacking energy, radiance and dullness • skin marked by signs of ageing and lacking elasticity • first wrinkles and also deeper wrinkles Effect • increases the water-binding capacity of the skin • moisturises and smoothes visibly • protects against external influences • protects and stimulates the skin's own defence and immune system • has a rejuvenating effect also on stem cells • improves cell quality • stimulates collagen production • moisturises deep into the skin


morning and evening. Apply serum after cleansing. Then apply Lanserhof Lab face cream as a finishing layer and massage in gently. For external use only.


Ceramides III are obtained through a patented biofermentation process and have the same chemical structure as human skin. They increase the water-binding capacity and prevent the skin from drying out. Shambrilla oil protects the skin, makes it soft and supple and improves the surface structure. Fomblin are non-greasy, transparent, liquid polymers that are hydrophobic and lipophobic and thus protect against harmful external influences. Hyaluronic acid has the property of intensively moisturising, smoothing and firming the skin. Highly dosed, hyaluronic acid develops the ability to spiralise active ingredients into the skin. Syn®-Ake provides immediate smoothing of the skin through a tripeptide modelled on the snake venom Waglerin-1, which reduces muscle contractions by up to 80% (in-vitro results) by blocking the mnACh receptor. Due to fewer micro-contractions, a clear smoothing effect and a significant reduction in skin wrinkles is visible after only 28 days, without altering the natural radiance of the face. Coastal camomile has an anti-itching and calming effect. SILA Detox® stimulates the skin's own defence and immune system, ensures better cell quality as it removes waste products from the cell membranes (detoxification process), has a rejuvenating effect also on stem cells, keeps the skin healthy, plump and fresh. Ergothioneine /Thiotaine is a multifunctional amino acid for anti-aging preparations with high dermatological acceptance. This endogenous substance - detectable as OCTN-1 transporter in dermal fibroblasts - is an extremely stable, colourless and odourless antioxidant that is clearly superior to ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) as a radical scavenger. Thiotaine is similar to L-carnitine and is therefore also a very good "skin energiser". Thiotaine is anti-inflammatory, protects against collagen and elastin degradation by inhibiting the formation of stress factors induced by UV-A radiation such as MMP-1 (matrix metalloproteinase, which directly destroys collagen) as well as elastase inhibition via the protective function of the enzyme qAP-1 and also against the direct damage to DNA induced by UV-A radiation. Aqua Cell stimulates the skin's natural moisture network, increases the number of water-transporting proteins and thus helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture network. The skin appears fresher, soothed and plumper. EverLaSkin™ protects the skin's own stem cells, stimulates the epidermal stem cells and thus boosts their regeneration and ensures deep skin regeneration. Fibroblast and collagen production is also stimulated. The skin noticeably gains balance and elasticity and remains youthful. Golden Collagenine is a synthetic peptide paired with nanoparticles. It improves the skin's relief, increases the skin's elasticity and moisturisation, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look young and firm.

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