LANSERHOF LAB metabolism drink red

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LANSERHOF LAB metabolism drink red

Whether as a meal replacement or to enhance smoothies, mueslis or yogurts:

The vegan Lanserhof shakes with highly concentrated macro- and micronutrients from partially fermented superfoods in raw food quality provide everything a strong metabolism needs - for improved well-being and a healthy weight.

The red shake supports the intestines, antioxidant metabolism and fat burning.

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600 g

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Antioxidant cell protection

Berry mixture with high content of antioxidants.

Regulation metabolism

May prolong the fat burning process.

Healthy weight

Supporting weight loss.

LANSERHOF LAB metabolism drink red

100% vegan

Made in Europe

Without additives

The ingredients

The ingredients

Composition Rice protein concentrate*, hemp protein concentrate*, sunflower lecithin*, fermented rice bran*, fermented quinoa sprouts*, sango coral, red and black currant extract, berry fruit powder (raspberry, blackberry) maca powder*, D-ribose, acai*, bamboo extract, wild blueberry powder, wild cranberry powder, baobab fruit powder*.

* Ingredients from controlled organic cultivation


Metabolism can be disturbed by lack of exercise, a diet high in trans fats, sugar and carbohydrates, stress and digestive problems.
The result is often weight gain, hyperacidity and less performance. Even chronic headaches, joint and muscle pain can be favored.

The Lanserhof stoffwechsel shakes saturate for about 3-5 hours and can thus replace a complete meal. But also as a supplement in meals they serve to stimulate the metabolism and make the body more vital again.

All shakes contain the same basic formulation, the three different varieties also set different accents in the effect: The red shake with wild blueberries, wild cranberries, extract of red and black currants, raspberries and acai support the intestinal and antioxidant metabolism. The polyphenols contained can prolong the fat burning process during physical activity.


Stir 2 tbsp (30 g) Lanserhof stoffwechsel shake into approx. 200 ml plant drink and mix in a shaker. Depending on taste, add 1-2 tbsp. linseed, olive or coconut oil.

Add 1-2 tsp. to muesli, yogurt, etc. to enhance meals.

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