Lanserhof Lab toner

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Lanserhof Lab toner Lanserhof Lab toner
Lanserhof Lab toner
Lanserhof Lab toner

The days of clarifying facial toners with drying ingredients are long gone: the Lanserhof Lab Toner serves to balance the PH value of the skin after cleansing with water, to supply it with moisture and to optimally prepare it for the absorption of the following active ingredient care. The valuable extracts from coastal chamomile have an antioxidant effect and smooth the skin.

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100 ml

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Calming with panthenol.

Refined & radiant skin

Clarifies and refreshes the skin.

Youthful & firm skin

Moisturising anti-aging active ingredients.

Lanserhof Lab toner

100% vegan and cruelty-free

Production in Germany

Recyclable glass flacon

The ingredients

Active ingredients

Pentylene Glycol:
The plant-based active ingredient derived from sugar cane moisturises and serves as a booster for other active ingredients.

Urea is recommended by dermatologists as one of the most effective active ingredients for the treatment of very dry skin, because the substance not only binds moisture to a high degree, but also has a keratolytic effect: it dissolves dead skin cells. Itchy skin is soothed and the skin barrier is antimicrobially strengthened. Urea has been produced synthetically for almost 200 years and therefore no longer has anything to do with urine.

Panthenol is known for its anti-inflammatory, moisturising and soothing effect from healing ointments. But the contained dexpanthenol not only promotes wound healing. Especially for mature, irritated and dry skin, the active ingredient helps to stimulate lipid synthesis and thus keep the skin elastic and well moisturised, which reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Coastal chamomile:
The extract from the coastal chamomile has many positive properties on body and mind and also on the skin: The amino acids, vitamins and minerals contained support the skin's own regeneration, calm and protect against free radicals. What is particularly interesting, however, is that the ingredients of the coastal chamomile reduce the so-called "substance P" and thus stop the activation of the neuromediators that are responsible for muscle contraction. Thus, expression lines are smoothed and the face looks younger and more relaxed.

Hyaluronic acid:
The moisture content and elasticity of the skin are visibly increased, wrinkles are "filled in" from the inside, so to speak, and the skin appears firmer and smoother.

Brown algae (bladderwrack):
Brown algae contain a natural anti-ageing complex. They provide the cells with energy, protect against dehydration, fight free radicals and tighten the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis. They also fight inflammation and thus reduce impurities and pimples.


After cleansing or peeling, the Lanserhof Lab Toner neutralises the PH value of the skin and thus prevents irritation. Its alcohol-free formulation also soothes with panthenol and provides intensive moisture with urea and hyaluronic acid. The innovative coastal camomile extract, which is not only full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, but also minimises muscle contractions and the resulting expression lines, makes it an effective anti-ageing care product.


After thorough cleansing with the Lanserhof Lab Cleanser, the skin is already freed from dirt and make-up. It is not necessary to put the toner on a cotton pad and rub the skin with it - it can simply be sprayed on whenever the skin needs an extra dose of moisture and soothing.
Afterwards, it is best to apply the Lanserhof Lab Serum to the still moist skin, followed by the Lanserhof Lab Face Cream, so that the active ingredients can penetrate the skin particularly well and the moisturising ingredients are sealed into the skin.

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