Lanserhof organic spelt crispbread

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The crispbread consists of 82% spelt and 15% germinated spelt. Both come from controlled organic cultivation. Natural salt and a selected mixture of spices give the dried bread its special taste.


Spelt is rich in dietary fibre, which is not only good for satiety but also for digestion. In addition, the vitamin B contained in spelt is good for the liver, brain and muscle cells. The silicic acid strengthens the hair and nails on the one hand and is helpful for thinking on the other. With 4.2mg per 100g, spelt has the highest iron content of all cereals.


Frisch gemahlener Bio Dinkel, gekeimter Bio Dinkel, Leinsamen, Quellwasser, geschroteter Fenchel, Natursalz. Aus biologischem Anbau (AT-BIO-401).
Nährwert in mg auf 100 g Lebensmittel:
Kohlenhydrate: 58846 mg
Eiweiß: 16769 mg
Fett: 2010 mg
Zucker: 1491 mg
Ballaststoffe: 9957 mg
Ges. Fettsäuren: 251 mg
Natrium: 586 mg
Brennwert in KJ: 1360 mg

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